OppiPlasie Guest House

a rustic & peaceful bushveld farm stay

Guide Books, House Rules

& guest requirements

Guests must agree to OppiPlasie Guest House Rules, Regulations

& Guest Requirements before bookings are made.

Your hosts, Louwrie & Stuart, are here for you. 24/7. Please do not hesitate to ask us for anything that you may need or want to ask. If you’re unsure, just give us a ring, or send us a message!

The Guides below will assist you in better understanding the House Access & Rules at OppiPlasie Guest House. Please go through them as all guests are obligated to abide by them during their stay or visit with us. Should you feel concerned regarding anything that we mention, please remember that we are always an open ear to listen to them.


All guests & agents, or people acting on behalf of booked guests are required to follow standard requirements, which includes confirmed phone number, email address, payment information, and agreement to our house rules. Completing the registration forms online prior to guest arrival are compulsory. Failure to complete these registrations may lead to the cancellation of your reservation.

When bookings are made and or confirmed, whether self-made or through an agent, or on behalf of another person, all parties agree to all Guidebooks, Rules, Regulations & Policies of the industry standard, including those held & made by OppiPlasie Guest House.


Over & Above general Guest House Rules as set out in general law, the following applies additionally & specifically to OppiPlasie Guest House:

1. We (Louwrie & Stuart) are here for you. Please do not hesitate to ask us for anything that you may need. There is a bell on the bar if & when you need us. If you’re unsure, just give us a ring!
2. Please feel free to use any chill areas as you please. There are also several spots outside to enjoy.
3. Please DO NOT enter the backyard, engage with, nor feed any of the animals.
4. No access nor self-help in pantry area, please ask for assistance, there is a bell on the bar counter, we’d love to help!
5. No self-help at the Flower Bar, please ask for assistance, there is a bell on the bar counter & we can run a tab for you.
6. No running nor playing physical games inside the house.
7. Do not touch the fence as it is electrified.
8. Please flush the toilet after every use, and leave the bathroom in a clean & respectable condition for the next guest.
9. Let us know if you plan on having some outdoors time, alarms are activated at certain times, if you’d like to be outside at night for any reason, please let us know!
10. Laundry requirements will be an added extra, a standard fee of R80 will apply. Tumble drying is included, depending on our Solar Charge for the day. Any ironing required will also be an additional charge.
11. The main farm gate must always remain closed and locked when entering or leaving the property.
12. Any & All outstanding accounts will be the sole responsibility of the person making & or confirming any reservation.
13. Any damages incurred will be charged for and must be settled in full before departure.
14. No fires nor playing of any fire making devices are allowed indoors
15. Maintain a clean and tidy household
16. Professional & Respectful living conditions for everyone
17. Solar energy, Gas & Borehole water. Certain limitations may apply, but very rarely. Please enquire with the hosts.
18. Smoking allowed outdoors
19. Where no self cleaning is maintained, cleaning fees will be applicable to guest accounts if and when own foods are prepared and or made
20. Physical games ONLY allowed outdoors
21. No under 16’s allowed at the pool table without adult supervision
22. No running indoors
23. All accounts & damages to be fully settled before departure
24. No excessive noise, curfew times are from 21:30 until 6am, unless prior arrangements made, subject to availability
25. It kindly has to be noted, that personal items of the owners are stored here, and removal or searching through of any personal items will not be tolerated.
26. Owner’s pets reside on the property. Guests are not allowed to engage, interact nor feed any of the animals without consent or approval from the owner’s explicit approval.
27. Removal of ANY property, accessory, utensil, decoration or furniture from the property is strictly NOT allowed. If it doesn’t belong to you, please leave it where you found it.


Please feel free to use any chill areas as you please. There are several spots outside to enjoy.

The top patio has a bench with table which is great for sundowners, overlooking the beautiful garden & bush.

The garden patio is a few steps down from the top patio & front door. Several garden chairs with table. The garden patio is surrounded by greenery and also features a fire pit for cosy times!

The wooden throwns is an intimate little circle of wooden “chairs” underneath a small thatch roof. Ideal for quick airy meetings or just for chilling.

For a quick shut down & restart, or just a mental quietness moment, Eden’s retreat is in the one corner of our garden, just a log to sit on amongst the greenery & having a quiet time.

Situated a good 10 minute walk away from the farm house, Sundowner’s Rock is a bush walk away for a peaceful bush break. Beautiful sunsets can be observed from here as well as beautiful night skies for those warm summer nights.

(Under mindful construction)
This little camp is located in the bush right next to the farm house & electric fence. It features a small clearing amongst bushveld trees, with a small fire pit, and place for two 2man tents. The bathroom facilities are in the farm house.

(Under mindful construction)
BUSH CAMP 1 will be our first proper tented camp, situated aproximately 5 minute walk away from the farm house. Guests will be able to enjoy a bush boma for cosy fires and lonely moments.


Known as the “Library Room”, it features a small selection of books and collectables.
Our guest living room is upstairs and separate from the main living room downstairs which may be shared, but not generally. Enjoy a peaceful room with a good book and a glass of wine or a bottle of two…. or even book yourself a SPA treatment session and feel recharged and relaxed!


A dedicated office space is available to our guests. Wifi access with printer.

HOWEVER, we request that the space not be used without assistance from the hosts.


A pool table is upstairs and in the same space as the room “The singletons”. This is an open plan space. We have various board games also available for entertainment. NO under 16’s allowed to play without adult supervision !! Any damages will be for guest’s own account.


The Flower Bar is downstairs by the front door with direct access to the Top Patio. Tabs can be run for guests, however guests must settle all accounts before departure. Please ask for pricelists on any items. NO self-help or access is allowed behind the bar. Please ask for assistance, there is a bell on the counter. We will gladly help you every time!

Guests are welcome & it is preferred to bring their own drinks, however selected drinks are sold, subject to booking requests & availability. A full bar with barman or bar lady upon request.


Single shot: R25   |   Double shot: R35

Wine: Per glass: R40   |   Per bottle: R100   |   Luxury wines, enquire per bottle

Ciders: R30 per bottle

Flavoured waters: R20   |   Still water: R15

Selected cold drinks: R15 per glass

Please keep up with the Jones’s & leave your cash in the box or send it through on our WhatsApp group – Thank you!


The kitchen is open plan and directly serves the dining table with dishing up table. It’s also open plan to the Main Living Room and the Flower Bar. The kitchen features a 5 plate gas stove. An oven is only available outside on the patio and is also gas.

The Back Kitchen is the Magician’s workshop, it’s where all the magic takes place, so no judgement allowed back here.

The Back Kitchen is used for cleaning and food preparation. The laundry is also done in the back kitchen. Please ask for any laundry requirements, no self-help please. Extra charges apply when laundry requirements are needed. Guests are generally not allowed in the back kitchen when staff are present.


We have a seperate pantry in the kitchen where the fridges & freezers are. This is our general storage space and food items are also stored here.

NO self-help or access into the pantry without host’s assistance or permission please. The pantry will be locked after hours, so please communicate anything that you may need from the pantry, especially when extra guest items are stored or placed here.



OppiPlasie Guest House is listed with numerous online booking sites. We cannot always keep track of what rates are on which sites. Pricing may differ from booking sites or our direct booking channel. However, we guarantee (within respectable limits) price match for all booking guests, as long as the booking is done directly with us. 

Bookings not secured directly with us, can not be held liable through us, as third party sites are involved.

Refunds will only be credited to your account with OppiPlasie Guest House. Pay-outs can not be offered to guests’s own bank account.

All reservations MUST be completely settled, minimum 14 days before guest arrival. This is for guests who have opted for a security deposit, which is 75% of total rate, and this is non-refundable at any time, due to reservation requests which are shown away because of a standing booking. Failure to provide full payment minimum 14 days prior to your arrival, may lead to a cancellation of your booking. This will be due to the fact that a belief is created that the amount could not be paid, therefor your stay will not be secured, and it may lead to OppiPlasie Guest House losing out on any revenue and providing us with minimum time to secure another booking over that time period.

Our booking policies state as follows:

  • Upon booking: Full payment required.
  • Exceptional circumstances: 75% deposit required on booking, 25% required minimum 14 days prior to your arrival. 100% non-refundable. Your account with OppiPlasie Guest House will be credited with your booking amount, less the penalties for cancellations.
  • Booking.com: Payments made through booking.com is generally difficult to manage, especially because of the time delay in communication from booking.com as a partner. Funds from this booking channel is only received in our bank account 5-10 working days after payment has been made on their booking site. Booking.com charges a 15-20% booking commission, so any creditting amounts will be minus such commissions & any other bank / service charges.
  • Airbnb: Payments made through Airbnb is generally easy to manage, especially because of their quality service in communication as a booking partner. Funds from this booking channel is only received in our bank account 5-10 working days after your check-out & stay with OppiPlasie Guest House. Airbnb charges a 15-20% booking commission, so any crediting amounts will be minus such commissions & any other bank / service charges.
  • Other booking partners: Payments made through other booking partners are generally easy to manage, especially because of their quality service in communication as a booking partner. Funds from this booking channel is only received in our bank account 5-10 working days after your check-out & stay with OppiPlasie Guest House. Charges from such booking partners attached a 15-25% booking commission, so any crediting amounts will be minus such commissions & any other bank / service charges.



  • 30 days prior to arrival, 50% cancellation fee
  • 14 days prior to arrival, 75% cancellation fee
  • 7 days prior to arrival, 100% cancellation fee



All reservations with OppiPlasie Guest House, are guaranteed to be honoured, within respectable conditions. Reservations may be held as a credit to your account number with OppiPlasie, transferred to any other guest / nominee of your choice, within respectable conditions. Vouchers may also be issued to you to sell off your reservation as you wish, provided OppiPlasie Guest House is informed of such intentions. Unfortunately accommodation rates may not be used for credited towards any additional charges for example Attraction Tours, SPA treatments or Speciality Events. These credits may also be used for dinners & lunches at OppiPlasie Guest House.

So, if you have made a reservation at OppiPlasie Guest House, whether it be through a booking platform or through us directly, provided funds have been fully received for such a reservation, and need to cancel for any reason, we’ve got your back. We will move your reservation free of charge to any other available date of your choice. The only charges that may be added to your account, will be if the season you are re-booking has a higher rate. Bookings for lower rate seasons will not be refunded, but will be absorbed into your account.


Please be aware that OppiPlasie Guest House is situated in the bushveld. From time to time, we do encounter creatures of the veld in and around our home. We offer a natural, peaceful & eco-friendly environment. Therefor we need to bring it to your attention that the following species of wildlife are encountered, very rarely, but they are around. So please be careful, especially in the summer months:

– Scorpions, Snakes, Owls, Eagles, Leopard, Spiders, Bush babies, Vervet monkeys, Baboons, Wild cat species and other species of wildlife.


We do offer extra services such as the following, at additional costs: (Prices may change without notice)

Bar services are available upon request. Full bar to self-help bar. Additional charges apply depending on the request. For drinks prices, please refer to the flower bar tab.

R100 Cleaning fees apply to reservations that maintain self catering; ie: when guests make own food. Additional cleaning services are available throughout any stays.

R75 per bundle, including tumble drying within solar conditions

R50 per bundle of washing



    – R200 per person
    Includes a guided tour through endangered wildlife enclosures with access to pool and picnic / braai facilities. Animals include Tigers, White Tigers, Lions, White Lions & other smaller endangered wildlife species.
    Guided Predator Tour
    R544pp 2hr tour Guided tour and wild cat interaction, play with small lions etc Includes light refreshments after the tour Game drive
    R260pp no wild cats, general antilope only
    Walk with lions 45mins R860 pp